A touch of sunshine

Slept many hours last night, and only roused by the intolerable plaguing of Calliope and Brian, purring and looming over our heads and climbing on us.

Pottered about today getting things straight about the house and gradually unpacking presents: today we were gloating over those from Pat Norrie, First Matie and Matty boy and Isy who had conspiringly bought us Le Creuset balti dishes, a deep baking dish and a griddle respectively after First Matie had stayed and Lorraine and I had talked in a distant, longing fashion about them. Lorraine already busily looking up balti recipes, and I am persistently mentioning pies.

Chatted to Mum who had enjoyed the wedding and told Lorraine that she'd not seen me looking so happy as in the photos from Icart on here a few days ago. I am happy.

In the evening after another substantial rest in the afternoon, off out to the Shahi for a cheeky curry. A warm welcome in there as normal, and we had a good time reminiscing about weddings and honeymoons and still feeling quite loved up.

Pesky house sale still unresolved, however, the buyers are clearly desperate to buy, and all my end is long sorted out. Would try the patience of a saint, which I do not happen to be blessed with.

Off out into town to buy some thank-you cards in the Pavilion, collect a letter from the post office, pop into the bank and buy some food.

Most interestingly we went into Pendragon pictures on the Grand Parade, where another present was waiting for us. It was a framed poster from Richard and Jane, and a perfect present for those just returned from Guernsey on their honeymoon. The view is looking North down on Fermain bay with St Peter Port in the distance. When I was a child a boat used to ferry beach-going holidaymakers between Fermain and St Peter Port, which is shown here.