Up at seven and soon slouching towards London to be paid. A strange day at Tavistock Square, as they had no work for me, despite me having been booked. I had been told that the week would be intermittent, but wasn't expecting there to be nothing to do on the first day. As a consequence they asked me not to come in tomorrow. While waiting for a brief, I sat about surfing. It also gave me the opportunity to ask April, fresh back from the US, to sign the exchange of deed stuff which I then posted at lunchtime. I also had email with the incompetent leasing agents. Only a few more days of this hateful property-based soul-sucking and I will be free. The Buddha was right.

Nice to chat to a few folks at work,  including Matty boy and Pat. Received some congrats and a kiss from Yaiza, who had seen wedding photos on Facebook. Also chatted to Mum, busy redecorating the house, as I mooched about the dripping Squares at lunchtime.

Feeling tired, I was pleased to be able to leave work ten minutes early. A ghastly journey home,  however, with trains no longer running from St Pancras and delays at Victoria when I went there. Home three and a quarter hours later feeling jaded. My lovely wife off singing in the choir, but a slow-cooked chicken stew waiting for me, and a delicious apple pie. I am a lucky man.

Pleased there were no murders in the fish tank. The two remaining angel fish have stains on their souls in this respect, but refrained from eating any of their new tank mates.