A gorgeous morning

Weirdly woozy start to the day. Awake early, snuffly with a slight cold, and a weird ear thing that made things spin a bit if I turned my head too fast. The train ride particularly beautiful this morning, with the low bright Autumn sun picking out things I'd never noticed before: the fat white gable end of a new house, like a Paul Klee arrow in the jumble of South London, pointing up to a big blue sky; a building with trees on the roof; the patterns of crisscrossing cranes. Building work in central London seems to have kept going apace during the recession. At St Pancras I noticed four or five bunches of flowers and a framed photo outside a construction site which marked the death of a young construction worker.

Work better, sat with Pat this morning working on concepts for a premature ejaculation pitch going on in Australia. Had fun coming up with some puntastic concepts and ideas. And the afternoon devoted to updating four similar documents with lots of small changes. After work Slug and I popped into a pub for a fast beer as he is now travelling via St Pancras too.

Dealing with my solicitors again, who today are busy claiming they have never heard about the letting agents.  Luckily I was able to tell them the names of the people in their organisation who were mailed by the letting agents, and the dates. Incompetent parasites, the lot of them. Be great to be entirely done with them shortly. (Until we sell The Old Church Hall of course).

Homeward and greatly enjoying The Handmaid's Tale as an Audiobook. Very happy to be home with my lovely wife tonight (that still feels weird to type) and to enjoy the luxury of an indolently early night.