The loneliness of the last lap

A good start, working by 7:30 and pushing on more fluently with the final section of the book. Watching Frasiers as I have been is making me consider the psychological aspects of this. Perhaps as I am now nearing the end, a sub-personality wants to drag out the process so that I won't have to face the possibility of rejection. If it is, it is not working, just making this last lap of the first full draft more arduous than it need be when I was writing less self-consciously.

Found a folder full of old poems, and a bunch of them I had shown to a fellow poet in the 80s, who had written comments such as Poor, Dull, and No. No. No. and so on against each one. Still had the power to annoy even across the decades. Trawling it for any lost gems. There were few, and I had to half-agree with my critic of yesteryear. However I did find the original text for Testament of The Man Who Could See Through Walls, which I did at the Water Rats Theatre in King's Cross with Mindy and the late Tim Gallagher, about 20 years ago. While not perfect by any means, I find there were some rather marvellous moments in it. I may revisit it one day.

Still feeling coldy but took myself to the gym anyway and did a reduced workout, and in the evening a walk around the park to complete my 10,000 steps.

Apart from another wave of Twitten related b.s. not much to report. The buyers' solicitors need proof that the extension on the Twitten, clearly there for decades, is not going to have its permission to exist revoked as the Twitten has been a conservation area since 1977.

Lorraine late home after a get together with colleagues. Watched the Great British Bake Off on her iPad in bed together before sleeping. It is such a curiously comforting world.