B the bungeroosh

Up and off to the hospital with Lorraine, who was having an injection in her heel. Fished for a taxi at Preston Circus and we arrived early. We had to wait in the A&E area, but luckily beyond a vomiting woman and a boy who had come off his motorbike and hurt his shoulder there was nothing too alarming going on while I waited for Lorraine to be needled.

Lorraine walking out looking cheery. Always more fun to be leaving. Taxied home, Lorraine talking in the particularly friendly way she reserves for taxi drivers which always amuses me.

As Lorraine recovered downstairs for a bit before coming upstairs to work. I got on with the book for the rest of the day. The day, however, ended with the latest hurdle of many on the Twitten: wall experts have said the bungeroosh back wall must be treated for damp. Luckily I am developing the first feelings of philosophical resignation about this, and refrained from bellowing bugger the bungeroosh. Between bouts of stress, I am feeling more philosophically resigned. I wish this all wasn't happening at the same time as the wedding though as it is working my nerve when I should be simply living the life of riley.

Lorraine and I played the game that Amanda sent us Get me to the church on time. Have resolved to play it again especially as it ends with kissing the bride.

Another vintage Star Trek. A good deal of casual sexism in the episode Charlie X, which I don't seem to remember. But this was the second episode, which was the first one I can ever remember seeing. It has a bit where Charlie X, an adolescent character with unimaginable powers, takes away a woman's face, which I remember horrifying me when I first saw it as a young un' and it is something that has always haunted me. But I was surprised at how unconvincing and brief this glimpse of a featureless face was in the episode.