Red room

Lorraine off work now too. So we are both feeling officially holidayish. She up and off to Hove to have her hair lovingly tended to. After going to the gym in the morning I met Lorraine, with gleaming sleek hair, outside the Pavilion.

We went inside to meet Sarah, who took us through again for a look at the Red Room, which I'd not seen. Lovely venerable room, with paintings of the nobility and plush touches of the Orientalism that pervades the whole building.  Sarah then walked us through to the Music Room, which although Id seen it before, I was still taken aback at the visual feast it represents, and it will be a marvellous backdrop to the doings of Saturday, which is where we'll have some snaps taken.

Meanwhile my solicitor says things seem to be on the move and I authorised her today to sign the contract on my behalf. This means, God willing, that the sale will go through in the next few weeks. Officially parking the whole house sale malarkey and its attendant stress till after the wedding now.

Home to attend to various correspondences and then we had a quiet night apart from the bottle of bubbly Lorraine insisted we drink. All well.