My birthday

An uncommon amount of presents and cards. In bed with Lorraine this morning opening my presents almost as soon as I could open my eyes, which included a decanter so that L and I can return home in the manner of Frasier and Niles Crane and help ourselves to a sherry, a bottle of sherry and sherry glasses, and the boxed set of The Wire TV series.

Lorraine then cooked me a substantial and delicious breakfast to set us up for the day. We devoted time to discussing wedding stuff, talking about music during the wedding and so on. Betty arrived home for the weekend after teaching in Shana's stage school in the morning and gave me a lovely card and a book of poems.

Then off into town where we encountered First Matie, loitering outside a shop in the North Laine who had come to Brighton for a birthday surprise.  Kate got me one of those Moleskine notebooks I love. We repaired to the Eagle where we were going to meet Anton and the Bairns for food but it was too busy, as was the rest of Brighton which was really buzzing.

Joined by Betty we ended up walking to Gars Chinese restaurant where they found us a table at short notice. I like Gars, the food is always nice and the staff accommodating. Chinese food appears to be Klaudia and Oskar's favourite. Klaudia who was sitting opposite me was eating egg fried rice and seaweed with a good deal of attention. Anton and the kids gave me three cards, and series one of the original Star Trek in its new, spankingly remastered form and a new edition of Graves' Greek Myths. Good to see my Godbairns who were full of pep and surprisingly at home in a Chinese restaurant. We discovered that by coincidence Anna the bairn's Godmother was celebrating her 40th there too, and we said howdy on the way out.

Then a fond farewell to Anton and the kids who both gave me a hug, and Lorraine, Betty, First Matie and I made off to The Basketmakers. Soon joined there by Matt and Irish Tom, the latter giving me a pebble from Omaha beach in Normandy. Steve Cartwright showed up too, with some friends, which was a nice surprise. Dawn arrived too, with a hardback novel for my birthday. A good deal of talk to be had, and it has to be said that I drank several beers.

Home along London Road with L, FM and me linking arms and lurching along. Firmly steered past Ace Pizzas by Lorraine and First Matie. L substituted cheese on toast and I went to bed, and I slept like a large and very happy log.