Mai Tai

Up to Tavistock Square. Working on a job which is more construction and assemblage than much creativity or copywriting. Highlight of a work day, sloping off to Waitrose with Pat at lunch to buy a banana and a sandwich.

After work drinks at the agency, and I spent much time talking to various ladies at the office keen to hear about my upcoming nuptials. I had three glasses of Mai Tai as cocktails were being served as some new department was forming elsewhere in the building. Can't remember drinking Mai Tais before. Suddenly had to leg off, having noticed the time and realised the Mai Tai's had gone straight to my head. Floaty feeling on the train on which I dozed before getting home to my Lorraine and food she had prepared earlier.

Below a random snap of Autumn marching in to Marchmont Street with an orange coat. The blue plaque is where Kenneth Williams lived.