Taking care of business

L and I up and at em' (albeit slowly) this morning. Off to The Cricketers to discuss things about next week. A bit of wrangling with them, for although we booked the rooms for the day, they have also booked in a small party there during the afternoon, potentially disrupting our decoration of the room.  All part of the process, but wearying.

This done off to get my hair, or what remains of it, cut. Area of concern is fully established now; a powerful country in a fading continent of head hair. An attentive cut that involved taking care of business with a new upsurge in replacement hairs such as eyebrows, rogue neck hairs, ear sprouts etc. for a £10. Bargain.

To the gym then, for a substantial workout, having been up in London for the last few days. Home and football focus on the gold sofa, a bit of a snooze, then off to Seven Dials, still half asleep, to meet up with Rosie to celebrate her birthday (which is the day after mine) with some of her pals.

Went to Blenio for a fairly nice feed, had a nice chat with Emily, Rosie's sister who I like. Afterwards, Tim, back from Africa, Rosie L and I repaired to the Cow next door. Overpriced beer in there, but quite nice. I had Anchor Steam Beer on tap, which is rather good and takes me back to my visit to San Francisco many years ago. The Cow is a place where people go on the pull on a Saturday night. Young blokes in trendy clothes, young ladies attention seeking and rebuffing blokes in ironed shirts.

Walked home with Lorraine finding it was gone one in the morning. And so to bed.