Murdering the babies

Calliope has taken to sleeping at my feet again in the night, but where in the past she would reluctantly budge if I turned over, now she lets the chi energy course through her so as to become a cat of unmovable stone. Very annoying.

Up early and working by 7:30 with clarity of mind about what needs to be done on the big edit of the book. Quite good sorting through some of the worst bits of my own writing lately, a sobering lesson in avoiding self indulgence and the necessity of murdering your literary babies. Set to it.

Lunchtime to at the gym and despite the cold feeling better about it today. A cold rainy afternoon. Lorraine home early for the first time this week, and we snuck off to the Shahi, which was rammed with people. Had a nice meal, which I could not finish. Chatting about how in two weeks time, this will be the day before our marriage.