Grate smile

Another stress peak : L and I discussing the wedding this morning wondered if we had paid the balance to the pavilion for the ceremony. We discovered we hadn't and the deadline for such matters had passed. Nobody on the phone, so we went down to the Pavilion itself. Very nice people there one of whom looked on their computer system for us, only to find that there were other people booked in our slot.

Lorraine looking as if she was going to cry at people quite a lot. I began mentally composing the email to explain there was a change of plan, and we would actually be getting married in a car park somewhere on a different day. However, after twenty minutes or so it turned this was a system glitch and everything should be fine and be confirmed on Monday morning.

Went to the Cricketers for a sit down, and a soft drink to gather ourselves and then off to the jewellers to collect our rings. Mine was a little tight still but loosening it was a matter of seconds. Lorraine's wedding ring looks very elegant, a slim band of white gold with eight tiny diamonds in it, to add a wee bit of bling. Mine inscribed Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul in fiery writing. The jeweller was telling us that every december jewellers who work on the bench in Brighton meet up at The Cricketers for their annual get together. He said that there is a generation of men in their 40s and 50s who meet there, but there is no younger generation rising up to replace them. He blamed it on the fact it wasn't related to computers.

Some shopping after this, and a tea and an excellent piece of quiche in the Marwood's cafe, served by a friendly man with a Sideshow Bob haircut. Home, then Sainsburys. Beth and her pal Emily back for supper tonight, which was a chicken pie with a gorgeous filling. They are going to work on their play this weekend.

I am using the pedometer in my iPhone these days and set myself a target of 10k steps a day. Most days, like today, have comfortably exceeded this.

Caught this cheese grater smiling at me from the sink today. Cheeky sod.