Getting to the Harveys

Up early and on with the book before having to break off to go to the quack. Blood tests reveal blood sugar and cholesterol fine. A medical student in the room which is a tad weird. Feeling stressed this morning, and having to wait ages in the doctor's waiting room looking at the blood pressure monitoring machine, amplifying usual white coat syndrome meant blood pressure was high. I suggested they do one of those 24 hour trials, which my doctor agreed to, this will happen in November.

More shenanigans with the house, having to chase the letting agents as they have underpaid me by £380, meanwhile the purchase moving with the pace of an arthritic snail.

Feeling calmer and more relaxed this afternoon. Doing a bit more writing. Lorraine home early and after chilling with her for a while, before we wandered off to the Battle of Trafalgar to meet Rosie, Betty and Matt. Dawn also popped in later in the evening. Good to see everyone, and settle my nerves thanks to good work done in the beer business by the Harveys of Lewes. Rosie is back on with her pal Tim, and Betty delighted to be back in Brighton for the weekend. Matt describing the music he has written for the wedding and all seeming a bit better with the world.

Lorraine, Betty and I sloped happily home to eat cheese on toast for a very late supper.


Kate said…
I did one of the 24-hour blood pressure things last year, mine peaked at around 6-7pm (time I usually have reading done at doc's) at which point it was worryingly high. Hence them being worried... but it went right down to almost worryingly LOW pressure during the night, lowest between 4/5am. Overall, it averaged itself out to a healthy reading.