Sunny Monday

Monday and Lorraine up early and we got on with our days. Started work at 8 and had a good morning's work manacled to my desk.

Paused to have a conversation with the Pavilion and and was happy to have it confirmed that the wedding will actually happen there...  Whew.

 Lunchtime Emily and Beth surfaced and they worked downstairs on their play, while I worked upstairs on my thing. Feeling less coldy than yesterday, and followed the rule of my phone pedometer and walked about in the park in the afternoon till I had done my 10,000 steps. A beautiful day and it lifted my spirits just to be walking in the warm sunlight and listening to podcasts.  The walled garden, which has been locked a lot lately, was open and I enjoyed looking into the fish pond with the black and gold goldfish swimming slowly in curving shoals.

Lorraine home early, had a bite to eat with her and Beth and Emily before they went back to Kingston, and Lorraine went off to choir. A quiet night in for me.