Aftermath in the Eagle

The house to ourselves, Lorraine sat in bed opening Wedding presents like kids on Christmas day.

Luckily we both felt fairly fresh this morning, Lorraine because she hadn't drunk too much, and me through audacious luck. After a hasty breakfast, we sped off to The Cricketers. The staff were dancing when we entered, and stopped sheepishly.  All very friendly, and we collected left over Sussex cheeses, various table dressings, flowers and other bits and pieces, and one of them told Lorraine that he thought it had been the best wedding they'd had there.

Then to Anton's place, where Anton, Anne and the bairns were in the car outside, and Anton let me in to collect my suit carrier. Hugs from Klaudia and Oskar, then we parked around the corner and stuffed my suit back into the suit carrier, flapping about in what had become a very strong wind.

Down to The Old Ship Hotel to collect Pat, Maureen, Mum and Mas. The wind down by the sea enough to lean into. Leaving the others for a few minutes, Mum and I walked via the suit hirers to return my wedding clothes, then to The Eagle where Lorraine had already driven the others before dropping the car off home. We had the room upstairs booked for us, although it was slightly atmosphere free we could all hear each other and sit down.

Sam and Jade (who I like a great deal) arrived quickly, then many of the London contingent of Matt and Isy, First Matie, Tasha, Craig and Mel, and locals Cath, Matt, John, Wayne and Irish Tom. Had a few more cheery drinks. Good to be able to spend more time talking with people. Nice chats with Pat and Maureen, who during the wedding had muttered darkly I am your mother in law now. I made her cry saying I would look after Lorraine. Mason enjoying chatting to Mel and Craig. Tash brought her dog Arthur with her, who happily hoovered up the bits of roast dinners we all ate.

Ken  the manager making sure we were all happy and supplied with roast dinners.

Even more presents given to us.

Then gradually everyone left, the Londoners off to London. Lorraine, Mas, Pat and Maureen off in a cab to the Old Church Hall. Mum and I walked home. Then after cups of tea Mum and Mas got a cab to the station, Pat and Maureen a cab back to the Old Ship. And then it was just Lorraine, Betty and myself. What a weekend.

But then we had to pack to go to Guernsey the next day. But this done with some trepidation as the gale began in earnest and the rain hammered down.

Photos to come