Back to front

A ghastly start to the day. Somewhat bleary due to Mai Tai consumption (an unpleasantly pineapple hangover), sometime before six we heard Brian arrived through the cat flap doing his triumphalist meeping. Sometime later he came up the stairs with a live mouse squeaking in terror. Ghastly scenes, of both cats playing with the mouse, which ran about for its life. I shooed off Calliope and cornered Brian who growled at me and then dashed off down the stairs with his prey. Lorraine was on the stairs, suddenly chased by cats and rodents and screamed quite loudly. Brian took the mouse outside thankfully, and only brought it back to show us it was dead, and I had to tidy it away. No way to start the day, and explained why I spent the first few hours of the morning with my boxer shorts on back to front. Which made me feel I was walking in the wrong direction.

Off to London, through the fog. Crossing the Ardingly Viaduct rather magical as you felt the train was flying through nothing.

Work fine, enjoying sitting next to Pat, who gave me a large wedding present, much to my surprise. Or it would have been to my surprise if Nichola hadn't bumped into him while he was buying it and put it on facebook last night. Chatting to First Matie and Matty boy during the day.

Otherwise a longish thorny job at work, which has been extended to Monday. Working with two very nice women though, Polish Agata and Mari who is a Finnish recent graduate, generally called the Moomin, she was recruited into the agency having been spotted working at a local pub.

Needed coffee in a yawny mid afternoon slump. Home to my Lorraine, having missed her these last few days, feeling rather wan and beat, we went thence to the Shahi to talk and fork, where Dr Raman showed us another picture of his daughter. Home and an early bed after a classic episode of Star Trek, where the water in people's bodies gets turned to an alcohol like substance and Mr Sulu runs around brandishing a foil.