Getting my ducks in a row

Trying to forge a semblance of organisation, getting my ducks in a row.

Property ducks: wrote to solicitors, the house buyers and so on. By the end of the day it seems like things are edging towards completion. Have now done all I can do on this, so am going to forget all about it till after the wedding.

Project ducks: Dawn around for an hour this afternoon, planning a writing session for gifted and talented children using a wartime bunker and the power of the imagination. It is an interesting project.

Gym ducks: still feeling like I don't have the full bounce, but did a reasonable session. Amazing how after ten minutes or so your mood naturally and very quickly lifts. It is worth exercising simply for the psychological lift it gives you if nothing else. Popped into the pharmacy today, which is being redecorated but is still working. A single desk and till in a stripped bare brick room, with rooms behind where the pharmacists are working still the same.

Wedding ducks: wrote a brief for Talib, a friend of Betty's who is going to take photographs. Lorraine got a reply from the Cricketers. Texts from Betty, and cards from folks. Including Toby and Romy, and a call from Lorraine's Aunty Doris. (Lorraine has an impressive five aunts all like Maureen).

In the evening L and I watched the final of the Great British Bake off. Retreating into a world of crumbs and soggy bottoms.