Wisterical with added pansies

Lorraine and I keen to do more gardening. In the tiny front garden we planted wisteria, currently a sticklike thing, without becoming wisterical at any point. Then in the back I dug up a small section piece of scrawny turf and planted some plants, and Lorraine planted pansies in pots and in our main bed too. Cats bursting about around us while we worked and Calliope got into trouble with a neighbour cat. There are many cats here and the politics is tangled.

In the afternoon I worked on cows for Paris for a couple of hours. I also messaged the lovely Charlotte Gann to thank her for her insightful review of the The Nightwork in The Frogmore Papers.

Rosie then popped by and persuaded Lorraine and I to go out for a roast supper. We three off to The Park View down the road for a bite to eat, and Beth joined us later. Nice place for a Sunday nosebag, and I enjoyed a pint of Harveys while I was at it, and a good chat with Carl on the phone outside.

Below more chimney pots. These were already in the garden, and Lorraine added pansies.