A little time to work on poetry before feedback from the French, meant I returned to creating ad concepts for cow health, drawing cows and writing cow headlines, and I'm grateful for it. Meanwhile Brian escaped to resume his fights with other cats. As I was speaking to Mum this morning and had to lob a handy apple core at the evil ginger and white cat fighting with Brian again from my study, to startle them. While in the afternoon was the mysterious case of The Faux Calliope (yet another neighbour cat who looks very similar to Calliope) who managed to get stuck on the window ledge of the spare bedroom. I had to lean out of the window on a stool to rescue it. In thanks the ungrateful wretch hissed and growled in my arms all the way into the garden. These little gardens are a matrix of cat, fox, gull territories.

I finished work, some hasty gnocchi gulped down with my darling wife, then I marched off to meet Anton in the Shaky Head for a few beakers of Heineken, and to watch Anton eat a burger. Anton had many and various subjects to discuss, such as transatlanic affairs and the safe arrival of his Mum in Brighton.

Home again, and glad to slink into bed.