Motivation bypass

Unusually low on motivation, despite feeling there was lots to be done. I enjoyed sitting in the garden a couple of times as it warm enough to sit in a fleece and eat miso soup.  One of those tiresome days when I become convinced everything I've written or am working on seems useless. But instead of simply doing something else which I knew was the right thing, I forced myself instead to carry on fruitlessly.

However I did speak to Anton who suggested I download an audiobook called The Establishment, by young leftist firebrand Owen Jones, which is an enjoyably cleansing diatribe against neo-liberal politics. In the evening I cooked a passable turkey and butternut squash curry for Lorraine and I, listening to how The Establishment have got everything sewn up and there's nothing we can do about it.

A chat with lovely Katie this evening, who is holding up well after a harrowing week being with Graeme in his last days. When she got home and fell asleep she began to sleepwalk, something she does when upset and overtired, which freaked Nick out a little. Graeme was lucky to have a friend like Katie, and I'm pleased she's one of my friends too. Meanwhile Matty boy and Craig have flown north to help with arrangements.

Dawn called and spoke to Lorraine, her father is doing okay.

And so to bed, reading another couple of pages of Kokoro by Natsume Soseki aloud to a heavy-lidded Lorraine. It's a good book and it's actually quite interesting to read a book regularly but in small chunks, and Kokoro is perfect book for that, gently seeping into your consciousness over weeks.