All about gardens

A lovely day this morning, and Lorraine and my thoughts turned to the garden. We spent several hours driving about inland stopping off at an architectural reclamation place run by an charming Iranian with a big dog. Some interesting stuff there. We also stopped off at garden centres, pond places and so on. In the last we had a cup of tea and I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of an Eccles cake. We bought a wisteria sinesis, plants in pots, stuff to go inside the composter to spark it into life and so on. Home happily to assemble a small cold frame to put things in.

In the last garden centre Lorraine met a former next door neighbour called Adrian, who had a long chat with us. Lorraine was close to Adrian's mother in her last years, and he gave us a staff discount on all the stuff we bought, which was kind of him.

Cats frisky and happy outside which maddens a small black Scottish Terrier Dexter a few doors down. Just really nice to be outside in our own little garden.

In other news I received a copy of The Frogmore Papers which carried an excellent review of The Nightwork in it.

Meanwhile Jane has been up to her lookey-likey business again in this hilarious advert for The Body Shop.

A relaxed evening indoors. I watched a documentary about Joy Division and then Betty, Lorraine and I had supper and watched the guilty pleasure of The Voice.

Below chimney pots in a salvage yard. I really like them as sculptures.