Among school children again

In bed this morning admiring the fantastic job Maureen did, turning a gold throw Lorraine bought at Trading Boundaries into a gorgeous pair of full length gold-coloured curtains. I'm sure the denizens of this part of Brighton are grateful no longer to be glancing up at the Kenny genitals from time to time.

A dreadful night's sleep not helped much by drinking beers on a school night. Not just a figure of speech either, for I spent today with Dawn at Downs School with 32 more able writers of around 11. Clare joined us and was, like Dawn, an excellent teacher. The first part of the day was spent in using words poetically, and in the afternoon I gave them an advertising brief. The morning session worked well, encouraging them to use their senses. To this end Dawn had arranged for boxes into which you pushed your hand to touch things like cold custard, cold spaghetti with lumps, and a particularly unpleasant mix of jelly and suet. Impressive children, some of whom had words like 'catacombs' and 'overwrought' in their vocabularies. As before we also went into the vast WW2 bunker under the playground to stimulate their imaginations and writing.

In the afternoon I gave them an advertising brief, and I have definitely worked with poorer creatives than these children in agencies. Some amazingly characterful and smart children. I quite like doing this work, as it extends the scope of my normal activities.

Home to a request to go to Paris in a couple of weeks to do a pitch one afternoon with the French clients I have been working with.

Below some more snaps of the bunkers at Downs School. The rusty buckets were used as toilets during air raids.