Plum job

Frankly it's all about gardening. Lorraine up and out to a South Downs Nurseries and garden centre where we bought ourselves an espaliered Victoria plum tree which will grow flat by the wall, and three pots of red lupins. Then we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon in the garden digging a hole for the tree, and removing a laurel bush with a large root ball which neither of us liked, which made me feel like a deforesting fiend, but Lorraine, breaking off from tying the tree to a bamboo frame and this to garden fence lattice told me that gardeners are unsentimental. I carried on, flinty-eyed till the job was done. I'm finding it all good fun. I need to make a big chunk of cash to turn the garden into an earthly Eden, albeit a tiny one.

In the evening I spoke to Mum and Mas. Poor Mas fell over in a car park yesterday in St Albans with his arms full of shopping. He did not let go of the shopping, fell forwards and has hurt his eyes and landed on his nose. Mum had to ask for help from a man to get him on his feet again. He has two black eyes and is understandably shaken.

Lorraine glum before a demanding week, but she has a break the week following. I indulged in an undemanding episode (i.e. Chelsea won) of Match of the Day before bed.