The mist clears

The mist pretty in the valley below this morning. For me another day working on concepts for a pan European animal health campaign. Getting a bit bogged down in meeting the brief, so had to bump a meeting with Helen this afternoon, to make sure I'd cracked it. Nice and warm in the garden, and I took another cup of tea out there while thinking about cattle and corralling my thoughts.

Beth and Lorraine home together this evening, and we went out to meet Rosie in our new local The Preston Park Tavern where we also strapped on the nosebag. The food there is pretty good. After being cooped up all day, very welcome to be here. Rosie on good form, and cheery. I also asked Beth about her tips for learning lines, as I want to start memorising some of my poems and do them from memory like I used to in the old days, especially as I have a reading next month in Lewes. Beth says she records them in chunks and listens to them on her iPhone. Which is simple but brilliant.

Lorraine had her personal review today, and it went very well. She now has to provide evidence so that she can be moved up a grade. Bloody right as she has been covering three people's jobs for as far as I can remember.

Mist creeping in the valley at 7:40, and a Basil and Calliope playing right angles.