Shrubs of delight

Off to a nursery to buy hebe, viburnum, and phormium. Weird nursery with the owner surging over to us before we'd even climbed out from the car, offering us advice. Then to another garden centre before returning home. The sun came out, and I felt absurdly happy to be doing gardening with Lorraine this afternoon. The poetic richness of digging chalky ground, scattering the ash of blood fish and bone and so on, hit me.

Our happy day was tinged with sadness though too. We had planned to see Dawn at her cottage this evening, but her father was taken ill and she had to go instead to hospital. She phoned us understandably shocked, but her dad has pulled through.  Also heard from Matty boy and First Matie, who are in Hartlepool with Graeme who is now seriously ill. Felt really sad for Graeme and my friends going through hard times.

After gardening, Lorraine and I went to The Preston Park Tavern for a single pint, trying to book a table for Sunday, but they were booked out as was the was The Park View, when we went there for another cheeky drink. Not particularly keen on cooking so we found ourselves buying fish and chips and sloping home with bags of aromatic booty.

Below the sunset this afternoon.