A sad day

Sad news today from Matty, who told me Graeme had died from his cancer. Graeme was a lovely man, loads of fun and completely decent and kind. First Matie and Matty particularly loved him, and I feel for them very much. Lorraine and I both sad about his death.

Otherwise I worked more on a big poem on the theme of fear. And talked to agencies. The Paris one definitely wants me to go over next week to do the pitch with them. I was also called by the same agency who phoned me last week offering work. A couple of hours after I agreed to it, I was told they'd changed their minds. To the gym, although not particularly full of oomph today. Home and warm enough to sit in the back garden to have some miso soup. I love having a garden, and I look at few plants we have planted several times a day.

In the evening off to the Stanza poetry meeting. A cheerful night, some lovely people there. Several including one by Tess Jolly which blew me away. An amazing poem. I had a quick drink and a chat with Susan Evans afterwards before cabbing home. Her performance poetry is going from strength to strength.

Cabbed home, and ate a hot cross bun and had a chat with my lovely wife before bed.