Con brio

More cattle health concepts for Paris from very early till 1:00pm. Beth off chaperoning a couple of  young auditioners to London.  I sat outside with a cup of tea, breathing in the fresh garden air, and simply wanting to be outside in the garden rather than manacled to my desk. Good to be feeling that way about the garden though.

Sonia roundly told me off as I had made some miso soup and had left one of the burners on the hob on. She explained that she couldn't be there to stop me burning my house down every time. 

Then on the bus to see Helen in Hove, and she played me about nine minutes worth of music from her Sibelius software, she is composing con brio at the moment, and full of ideas. She was asking herself what colours the sections of the music were, for example, and enjoying the transition of colours in sections we were about to work on.

Then home by bus, and after Lorraine finished her work we walked down to The Shahi to strap on the nosebag. Nice to be back there, and to unwind, snapping into poppadoms and beer, and curry. Both of us feeling happy it was Friday. Sauntered back up the hill, this walk healthier than when we used to live on the Shahi's doorstep.