Limboish interlude

A pleasant but slightly limboish day expecting feedback from the French on the concepts I'd sent them but answer was there rien. I was phoned by another agency to check my availability, but when I said I was available the offer was quickly withdrawn. Agencies, eh?

Instead I contented myself by going to the gym this morning. Once there I wore my new shorts that reach my knees and make me think of Stanley Matthews (The Wizard of the Dribble). These plus the new trainers and socks made me feel a little better about being there.

Lorraine was working from home this afternoon, writing up a school visit she had done this morning, and pausing to be fed noodles and miso soup at lunchtime.

In the afternoon I wrote a piece about Jane and lookalikes and then Lorraine and I went for a stroll around the park as darkness began to drop.  We were tempted by the fish and chip shop but resisted and I cooked fish and rice and steamed vegetables in an outbreak of healthiness instead.