Down to work

Up a tad blearily this morning to take a teleconference at 9.00 for a briefing with Loïc and Valerie in Paris. To confirm I was pronouncing Loïc correctly I simply looked it up on the internet beforehand. Another animal health brief. I have never worked on so many animal health products in a row as this year. A lovely day, outside and I took a short break outside sipping tea with the sun warming my face.

Took as shower after work at around 6 and shortly after Dawn called around. Nobody else in the house I scooted down and let her in, before slipping into something less comfortable. We had a chat about next week's gifted and talented session at school which I will be playing a part in. Be interesting. Also hearing how Dawn, shattered after months of work on her house, has just moved in. After Dawn left I cooked and waited sipping mineral waters virtuously after yesterday's behaviour, for Lorraine to arrive home late after teaching governors.