A glimpse of the eclipse

Lorraine thankfully not on such an early start so a slower start. Lorraine glimpsed the eclipse through the velux window in the upstairs bathroom and called me up. I looked at the sky for a while and saw nothing, then through a thinning in the cloud I saw the sun's outline with a substantial chunk taken from it for a few seconds. I lined up my iPhone to get a snap but the cloud did not break from that moment till it was all over. The temperature did drop, but it never got absolutely dark, just the kind of lifeless grey typical of England.

It is also the spring equinox too, which always makes me feel more lively.

A day devoted to Centaur project I am doing with Helen. Bused over to Hove this afternoon and we worked for a few hours together. She has got an amazing amount already written, and music is flowing out of her. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I supplied some more words, and we discussed where they would fit the overall pattern. Also we listened to what she has got down so far on her Sibelius software, and we discussed at some length various transitions in the music, and how it was reflecting what was going on in the story.

Left Helen's at around 5 and walked home to a cheery evening at home with Lorraine and Betty. Some time ago Lorraine bought me a copy of the Collected Poems by W.B. Yeats in the hardback edition I had when I was in my twenties, but then lent to someone and I never saw it again. Been reading this lots lately, like reconnecting with an old friend.