A nasty nip in the knee

Up and at the cow health brief for the Paris client, which took up most of the day and had me sketching headlines and pictures of lots of cows and blue-tacking scamps to the walls.

Brian got in a fight with a black cat. I witnessed it from my window, the black cat walked incredibly slowly away, and Brian limped home, clearly in pain, to bleed on Beth's sheets. I made an appointment at the vets, and luckily Lorraine was able to drive him off to Top Cats this afternoon to be injected with antibiotics and painkillers. He is now under house arrest for the next three days, but should be okay as it was a nasty nip on the knee, but could have been a lot worse.

Once home Lorraine struggled with a long report. I broke off to cook miso soup with noodles and it with Beth at lunchtime, then walk for an hour this afternoon by way of exercise and to pick up a prescription while I was at it. Laura came around to see Beth and they larked about to cook rather nice chicken wraps for everyone.