Wild salmon

Leg improving, thank goodness, although energy levels still lower than an earthworm's posterior. Up early writing things, but my brain not in rapier-like form, being instead buttery and unable to do much. Pottered about in my study and in the house. Pesky broadband not working well either. Beth and John around and cheerfully sorting things out in Beth's room.

Sonya came by this afternoon, and we discussed at some length and earnestly if she could fit us in, in our new place. Looks like she will be able to rearrange things. Nice to see her, and she left us some cookies for Christmas and a card, which I found a tad embarrassing as I was empty-handed.

Off this evening by taxi to see Janet and Ken. We were twenty minutes early, but we were forgiven. Janet had cooked Alaskan wild salmon (wild? it was furious! etc.) which was rather delicious. Ken rather low physically and spiritually in coming to terms with his daughter's death. My heart went out to my old friend. However we drank a little wine and had some good conversation. But I was shattered by around nine o'clock, it being the first time I'd been out and about for a while.