Rolling, scraping & flashing

Lorraine back to work today, with sadness and a heavy heart. I woke up at 5 and lay awake with Calliope pressing her face on me looking down at the north of Brighton as it slept. Up early with Lorraine and I cooked us porridge and Lorraine made off to work and I painted my new office again with rollers of the world’s thinnest white paint. Also applied some testers and am going to have one of the walls a shade called Sophisticated Sage. Entirely apt.

Then down to wake Betty sleeping in the front room with a cup of tea, and soon we were scraping the biscuit coloured crinkly wallpaper from the walls, a job we did happily for five or six hours. In fact it is quite addictive, a bit like some kind of video game. Yelping with pleasure when the 'quick win' of a high scoring shred of wallpaper came off. Sadly the walls had some very stubborn patches too. But we enjoyed our time chatting and listening to music, and lunching on miso soup until John arrived in the afternoon and took over from me as I snuck away for a snooze. 

Infuriatingly, my foot is hurting again, forcing me to hobble about during my tasks and gulp handfuls of pills. I did not let it stop me for doing a good eight hours on DIY stuff. Later, I hobbled into the local shop, the cheery shopkeeper selling pritstick to a mother and jokingly saying that after six o’clock the price doubles for mums doing their kids homework. 

Lorraine home, and Beth cooked us a bacony pasta sauce with penne we tucked into this with great gusto. Beth off to do some work over the next couple of days. Lorraine and I very tired, and made off early to bed, with the expansive view twinkling below us.  I guess we need to get curtains as we are regularly flashing the north of Brighton with our genitals.