Men around today to remove an old half dead sofa, at the crack of dawn. Weirdly, there was no sign of Calliope this morning, She always wakes us up in the morning. I showered, picturing thirteen ways Calliope could have met a grizzly end. She emerged eventually from silent hiding amid the pile of boxes in the living room, but only when Lorraine and I were both in the room calling for her. She was terrified, and scared to go in the kitchen. We suspect the evil ginger and white cat of breaking in and committing some bestial act.

I'm able to walk a far better now. A good thing too as I had to slope off to the quack to have my blood purine levels tested. A cheery nurse there extracting the gore. I always like talking to her. Then a haircut as my hair was in Wild Man of Borneo mode (except of course for the dispiriting Area of Concern). None, of course, as bad as these. Also had a large cup of coffee which made me feel very lively. Good to be out and about, then home on the bus. Betty and John were still home, and Lorraine home too. We all ate toast and marmalade, then a few hours later baguette and sausages that I'd bought from the organic grocer and butcher around the corner.

Beth off this afternoon for a final rehearsal of her role of Mrs Klaus, in Christmas show in Eastbourne. Toby Facetimed and was able to walk me around the luxurious Uruguayan resort where he and Romy, with Joan and Dick, are staying on the edge of the Atlantic, and drenched in summer sun. I walked him around New Kenny Towers and showed him the grey sky of Blighty. A glimpse of Romy too, and have had email from Joan too. FaceTime with Mum later, who is slowly recovering from things and looking forward to the arrival of the Tobster on Christmas Day.

Slept this afternoon. Wonderfully lucky to be able to power down when I needed to. Lorraine and I had a teatime snooze, Then evolved Christmas schemes and wheezes after I guiltily slipped out and purchase fish & chips from Jenny's Fish & Chips around the corner.