Beetling about

Solitary, but cheerful, painting and scraping for most of the day, listening to loads of podcasts.

The day also enlivened by a Rentokil surveyor called Sonny who came by to look at some woodworm holes, something we'd organised before we moved in. I liked Sonny a lot, and we had a cheery conversation about the life cycle of the wood beetle among other things. We need some poisonous fog releasing in the what he called, rather fabulously, the sub floor void. This will exterminate them, though they have not weakened the house structurally. Apparently we only have to be out of the house for an hour or so, as this beetle atrocity happens.

Otherwise a day of hard work, not made easier by an ouchy foot. Popped down to a reassuringly middle class organic grocery and butcher where chewy brown bread is readily available. Bought the last one, much to the annoyance of the men behind me who wanted it.

Was very tired by the time Lorraine got home, but we did lots more stuff and ate and had yet another early night.