Beth is regal, Rosie moves house

Seagulls scuffling on the roof this morning. L & I up and off shopping in Brighton this morning. Grew somewhat tired and dispirited after a while hobbling about around in town and so had to drink coffee instead. Caught the bus back with Lorraine and we stopped in our nearby butcher and grocer. Here there was a fabulous display of pies. We bought one.

Lorraine drove Beth, John and I to Eastbourne this afternoon, where Beth was being Mrs Klaus. A quick glimpse of the burned pier, and then did a bit of shopping with Lorraine as John sensibly repaired to a pub, and Beth got herself ready for the performance.

The Hippodrome a nice old theatre, and Beth's pal Sarah has hired it and put on a Christmas show of her own devising, which his selling really well. Beth was very regal and funny Mrs Klaus. She has such sheer wattage as a performer that she grabs attention every time she is on stage. Lots of children in the audience and they all seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the adults.

When the performance was done, which saw Beth doing lots of singing, and deploying a range of  Mrs Klaus faces Lorraine and I had our photos taken outside with the Mr and Mrs Klaus and Jack Frost. Rather over excited by this.

Then to a pub, called The Crown and Anchor for a cheeky drink while waiting for Beth. Lorraine then drove us home.

Spoke to Mum, Mason still comfortable and waiting news of when he can be released back into the wild.

In the evening Lorraine and I taxied off to see Rosie's new flat, which is rather spiffing, and very close to the sea in Hove. Anton was there too. Rosie looked tired, for as we know, moving is hell. She was also spooking herself about a door into a utility space is near her own door on her building, which she told us is where the serial killer lives. Much reassurance later about the absence of serial killer, the robustness of her locks and so on, we left her to it.

Below a world of pies, Beth on centre stage as Mrs Klaus, Lorraine and I slightly over excitedly being photographed with the Klaus family.