A Lewes Interlude

A nippy morning, and hobbling off to Lewes to meet with Robin. Lorraine a little later this morning and gave me a lift to London Road Station.

Nice to be out and about, and Lewes is a lovely place. Robin lives in an archetypical Lewes street with a pub at one end and a church at the other, and a castle lurking in the mist somewhere nearby. Really good to see Robin, and chat about poems, poets and also to get her opinion on matters of social media.

Walked home from London Road, and after a bit of wall scraping, worked in my office plugging bits of computer together and trying to get organised. Then dissembling half the kitchen, and struggling with plumbing, until we had connected the washing machine. I shall have clean clothes for the ball.

Lorraine and I finished off the beanjar, with hunks of chewy brown bread and slumped in front of the TV watching Masterchef. To bed, throat still swollen and sore, foot still relentlessly hobbly.