Sad news, and getting a grip

Lorraine working from home today, sitting in the kitchen muttering things like 75%, 78%, B2... over our lunch of tomato soup. Catching up after supervising the delivery of our new fridge. It is as tall as me. The freezer is below which means that nothing is stored at ankle level. A boon! A man called Justin installed our dishwasher too.  The house is becoming fully functional.

A much needed day of physical recuperation. I lifted no boxes and heavy furniture, nor did I spend the day painting or scraping walls. My bad ankle and knee thanked me for it, as I have done nothing but traumatise them over the last week.  So a day of trying to pick up the threads of my work and writing. Also listened to a reading by Nadine Gordimer of Jose Saramago's short story The Centaur.

Catching up with conversations too. Mum feeling better after a seeing a sympathetic doctor, who explained what the very high dose of antibiotics was doing to her and how to manage the side effects for the next couple of days. Heard from the lovely First Matie. I'd had a dream about her the night before last, and told Lorraine I needed to call her. My the psychic summons was sent and she called me first.  Kate is currently topping up the Rontree coffers in London, and is feeling cheery about life in Hull and her relationship with Nick.

I then spoke to Ken, who told me the rather shocking news that he had been to his daughter's funeral.  Rachel had been ill for some time, and the funeral had been on Monday. Sad news indeed even though I'd not seen Rachel for several years.  She was a beautiful singer with a bell like tone, and much promise when I first met her. Poor Ken has lost two of his daughters prematurely. Rachel was only in her forties. I also had a long conversation with Janet, as Ken did not feel like talking much.

Rosie popped by early this evening, chiefly it appeared to get a hug from Lorraine.  And this accomplished she zoomed off, having to prepare to move home too.

I cooked a stir fry with salmon cooked in lemon juice and Lorraine and I slumped gratefully on the sofa, watching a couple of Frazier episodes before bed.