We got up early and before breakfast a new van-load boxes and belongings. But before we got up, we watched this video of Jim Carrey, and very much enjoyed this jolt of positivity.

This time it was Pete and Pat who had kindly brought the garage-load of stuff. Having worked like ants to clear some space yesterday, this was all filled up again we all brought the absolute bloody final stuff into the house. Pat and Pete drove off back home to Kent, as Maureen had already put the Sunday lunch on, and then we spent the rest of the day getting things straight. Lorraine did a heroic job in the dungeon where lots of our stuff is now stored.

A day of hauling things, but enjoyable despite my leg hurting lots by the end of the day. My office is in shape enough to simply get up and do work in it too.

Betty back from her rehearsal as Mrs Klaus, which went very well. John arrived this evening too, and we all had roast pork for supper, and a drop of bubbly to celebrate his birthday, which had been a couple of days before.

Watched the enjoyable romcom, What women want, this evening. Love this film. Not least for its lavish depiction of the life of an agency creative. Just being able to hear what other people think would be fascinating, although it would probably send you mad.

A nice review of The Nightwork here in the online magazine Antiphon.