The Force is with her

My wife gripped by The Force this morning. At a count of three we are getting out of bed, she announced early in the morning, and we did.  Once up and breakfasted we enacted the rearrangement of my study, after she and Dawn had discussed it while I was out with Anton. Miraculously, by removing one of my desklegs the office is now how I wanted it, with two bookcases too.

Lorraine effortlessly power drilled holes deftly aligning holes and brackets, and I simply had to screw them into the walls. Together we did loads of stuff on the house, much hauling of bookcases and books today and I was able to begin unpacking my hundreds of books, freeing lots of room downstairs.

In the afternoon, the human dynamo that is Lorraine even shopped in Brighton in a frenzy. Beth back after teaching this morning, laden with bags of essentials such as large jars.The evening spent with Beth and Lorraine then sorting out Beth's room. Before we all collapsed on the gold sofa, enjoying bowls of chicken and vegetable stew, and a bit of mindless TV, and a spot of online Christmas shopping.