Many arrivals

The morning up with the lark, and Claudia, Lorraine and I off to Sainsbury's to spend the equivalent of the economy of Luxembourg on food and drink. Home, and a tidying frenzy in preparation for Sam and Jade's arrival at lunchtime, them having travelled down this morning from Leeds. We all enjoyed a good deal of enjoyable hanging out,  drinking port with Sam and Jade in the kitchen. Beth and Claudia returning from shopping.

Great to see Sam and Jade, who both seem to be doing excellently. Jade just had her graduation ceremony for her MA, and is already into her PhD. Sam has embarked on his MA, and is working in a distribution warehouse to top up his money. Sam with elephantine sneezes and nose-blowing, which Jade said someone at the back of their coach had admiringly proclaimed a 'bad man' sneeze.

Sam and Jade out for a spot of festive shopping, and a walk by the sea, returning a few hours later with more port. Then Lorraine and I off to Brighton to collect Pat and Maureen from the station.

Speaking to Mum on FaceTime. Not sure when Mason will be released from hospital. Hopefully before Christmas.

We spent a happy evening eating, and swapping presents with Sam and Jade, as they are going to leave before Christmas.  Around 10 o'clock we all made off to the Preston Park Tavern for an evening drink. First time drinking in my local pub as a local. A nice friendly place. Claudia inexplicably scandalising Maureen by having a tequila. I took my little toy squid with me, and we had fun tormenting Maureen with this. Beth inserting it into her glove just before leaving time too. Simple fun. Lorraine loving having Sam and Beth at the same time.

Below comings and goings in New Kenny Towers. Betty and Pat and Maureen in the background: Sam, Jade and Lorraine; Pat like Christmas God brandishing a stalk of Brussel's sprouts; Calliope still enjoying the boxes; Claudia and Maureen and Pat; me, Sam and Jade; Sam enjoying receiving the traditional smoked cheese, gifted by Lorraine to both Sam and Beth for many years at Christmas.