Like a box out of storage

Yet another heavy day of house moving stuff. Off to The Big Box company with Lorraine at eight where we met the Ark removals guys. Lorraine drove me home, and then had to go to work leaving Betty and I to several hours of accepting and directing two and a half trucksful of stuff through the house. The Ark guys Steve and Martin are really likeable and get the job in a way that reduces stress. Spotted them a decent tip at the end, (referred to as 'a drink').  

House now looks like a bomb hit it all over again. Betty and I tried to clear spaces of civilisation, and also rebuilt Beth's enormous bed. Beth surprisingly strong at lifting things. Personally I was in need of smelling salts by the evening, and aching. Cats locked up in the bathroom while the movers here. They have a new enemy: a pugnacious looking ginger and white tomcat who sits in the garden like a malevolent garden Buddha waiting to menaces them at the cat door.

FaceTime with Mum today, feeling unwell after being dosed up with antibiotics after her appalling nocturnal cat attack. 

A  chat this evening with Derek, Lorraine's brother, about a wide range of subjects. I really want to visit Derek and Laura in Finland one of these good days. Meanwhile, we shall be enjoying the company of Claudia this Christmas.  

Promisingly contacted by a composer called Helen about a possible music and words collaboration.

A teleconference with Lorraine driving home after working late, Beth ordered a curry from the Shahi which Lorriane collected and we tucked into on the gold sofa, grateful that there is just one more load coming at the weekend. All to bed: a day that it is pleasing to have got over.