Graceful and cheery

Up with the sparrows applying Graceful Green coloured paint. Basically grey with suggestion of green. It does however look elegant, next to white. Grown up is what it is. Then broke off at lunchtime as Beth arrived with Gary in a van, full of her London stuff. This rapidly disgorged, and we'd congratulated each other, on Gary's marriage and our house purchase, Gary drove off and Beth's stuff on the floor in her room.

Lorraine working from home this afternoon, so all was cheery, despite this review of The Nightwork. I understand there are a couple of other reviews forthcoming which may be a bit more favourable. But I'd rather get an indifferent review than none at all.

In a very good mood, to The Nelson where I read some of poems in the Stanza Bonanza meeting. A very cheery evening, with lots of good poetry read. I tried a new poem primarily written to be performed callled A poet walks into a bar, which went down quite well, as well as a couple of others from The Nightwork. Nice to see Robin, Antony, Andie, Susan and others. Also met Sarah Barnsley, there with her wife Lou, who Robin and I have been corresponding with lately. I like Sarah's work a good deal.

Home, having taxied home from the centre as my leg still painful.