Tidy and budgeted

A domestic day, generally tidying, under the influence of Marie Kondo, and smiling somewhat at her idea that socks don't like to be balled. The idea of sentient socks is an odd one, although it is a fact that some socks slip away never to be seen again. Dropped in on the now 15 year old Klaudia to hand her a belated birthday card, and discuss her Golden Weasel trip which this year is likely to be ABBA themed. Anton and Oskar seemed about to settle to an afternoon of gaming.

Then home via Sainsbury's and looking at the budgeting software with Lorraine, under the influence of Catherine. I'm beginning to see the purpose of micromanaging money, especially as I am broke at the moment. Actually sitting down and talking about it all, and seeing what is going where is useful too. It is all part of Iron Discipline.

A chat with Mum, and then some roast chicken and a glass of wine to round off a nice weekend.