From Mars to outer space

Drew up a list of achievable to-dos but then sidetracked by another smidge of work from Valérie in Paris, which was very welcome. It really is a pleasure to work with Val, which I have done for many years now. She definitely is my favourite client. God knows what will happen after Brexit. Plus the omnishambles of Brexit means people are already dithering over their budgets, which means jobs are not being firmed up.

Despite mantras of Iron Discipline and so on, allowed myself to get pretty cheesed off today by an email from my accountant confirming I did indeed owe a small amount of tax money from last year. They referred me to page three of a letter they sent me a year ago. The small amount of progress I have made this month neatly wiped out and back to square one. Sigh. My own fault, but not feeling well disposed to my accountants at the moment.

Otherwise I went to the gym where I got rid of some of my grrrrrs. Later I spoke to mum briefly, billed my French friends, and then cooked. Lorraine enjoyed her conference, one of the speakers was space woman Helen Sharman. She got a job with Mars the confectionary people as a chemist after she left university. From Mars to outer space.