Gym, vampires and funky fun

Iron Discipline this morning, up fairly early, and Lorraine and I took Sam to the station. A happy surprise to have him visit. Lorraine then drove to her gym, and I sauntered down to mine for the third time this week. Another cross trainer trundle. I am gradually nudging up the difficulty, but not too abruptly as I am not as springy and spring green as I used to be. A spot of food shopping on the walk  home.

Lorraine and I then had a restful afternoon reading the vampirey Let the right one in and even snoozing on the gold sofa. I cooked a veggie chilli and in the evening we went out to The Station pub in Hove where John's band was playing, picking up Betty in the taxi there. Nice to see Beth as ever. A fun evening, and Innis and Rosie popped in later too. John and Matt playing with a different bassist tonight, but it was the usual funky fun. And a fair amount of dancing in the pub after a while.

Below John at the drums... Lorraine kissing Betty to complement the snap I took yesterday.