Dawn in the evening

Sad news from Madeline from Ken's family that he is very unwell. Only to be expected I suppose, as he was in poor shape before he lost Janet. Feel very fond of Ken and sad about the whole thing.

To the gym late afternoon for a trundle on the cross trainer, listening to The Wine Dark Sea, a story by Robert Aickman. Writing my own stuff... A tweak to the end of Where the beauty is which has much improved it, and I revisited a short piece I have had published before called Flytrap. A call from my pals in Chiswick over a two words. A chat with Mum. A note to Jane about her work, which is very promising. Note from Trace today, saying she might apply for a job in Guernsey. In the evening Lorraine came home early, and Dawn came to stay which, as ever, was great fun. Lorraine and I used Dawn as an excuse to drink school night wine, which was naughty.