A bit of a turnaround

A much better frame of mind today. Janet's obituary was published in the paper version of the Guardian, which I bought from the cornershop, and then Madeline asked me to buy some more for her and Sue as she was isolated by snow-caused traffic jams. Sent out a note to some of Janet's pals to let them know about the paper.

I then brushed up some work on the Waiting photo project, which I sent to Innis we are going to meet up later in the week to chat about it. Also started work on the Centaur project, which I had not been in the right mental space for. The last few days have been a kind of logjam, but things are moving again now, and this makes me feel much happier. Off to the gym again today, which helped get my grrrs out.

In the evening, Anton took me out for a drink, which was kind. Had a few drinks and mooched around town popping into various pubs and generally having a bit of a laugh, which was exactly what I needed.