That strange little surge

So nice not to have to get up. Had a poor night's sleep though, but was able to sleep in to compensate. Off to Arkwright's to buy some bread for breakfast. A cool morning, and got that strange little surge of happiness and excitement. Made us Quorn sausage sandwiches for breakfast with mustard. All very good.

I'm still feeling a bit lethargic from a slight cold, but I went to the gym today and absolutely loved it. Getting to the point where my body seems to demand this activity, and after a week of cramping into trains I felt very happy to be exercising again.

Home and changing then off to meet Lorraine and Betty in Bella Italia. Had a cheeky coffee with them. Betty doing her teaching in the drama school on Saturday mornings, which then gives her a chance to catch up before going back up to London. Betty and her pal Emily are doing their dissertation piece together and have talked to their tutor about involving me to help out. This has been approved and will be fun. They already have the concept and will be devising the dialogue, but I will be there as a resource to bounce the script off and perhaps help with the structure. Looking forward to it.

Off then to buy some pointy and pricey new black shoes for the wedding, with Betty as a second opinion. They are Ted Baker which seems to be a good thing. They have nice patterned insides and are surprisingly comfortable too. Then to a hotel to book rooms for Pat and Maureen, and Mum and Mas.

Home via Sainsbury's for a few fixings for Lorraine to cook a delicious chicken stew.