Back on the treadmill

Back to the routine today. Started on the last big chunk of the book, and an looking at ways people feel rewarded and justified by marketing having made a purchase. Spent much of the day having to mull over the subject matter, and programming my subconscious to produce some answers.

To the gym in the sunshine, especially keen to go as I have managed put on weight over the last couple of days of good food and lots of booze. Good to be back on the treadmill and rowing machine, while listening to a Mayo & Kermode podcast. Their own description of the show is right: wittertainment. They witter on, and the show is often repetitive and tiresome, but it is curiously entertaining and at least you come away with an overview of what's available in the cinemas. Feeling sorry for Naomi Watts, recently interviewed by Simon Mayo. She cut short the interview about the bowser of a biopic about Princess Diana she is in, and 'stormed' off. Watts was brilliant in the fabulous Mulholland Drive and it must be tiresome to be shackled to promoting something dire.