Bearing up

Bad night's sleep, triggered by cat fighting. Found myself wandering outside at 2:30 half asleep in a dressing gown shooing fighting cats from the door. Could not sleep for some time afterwards. Felt a bit coldy and tired all day, while my Lorraine has a really bad back.

Sleepy on the train this morning, listening to Ravi Shankar. Karam springing on the train and sat next to me in London.

Out with Kate at lunchtime,  to pick up a wrap from The King of Falafels, chatting a little about the ways of the Forest of Dean and the vexed question of who killed the bears in the late 19th century.

Any afternoon achievements due to the benefit of coffee.

Pleased to see that Marilyn aka Guernsey Girl has a book coming out.

Home gone eight, and a really nice letter from Jeremy Page the editor of the Frogmore Papers saying a poem going awol, like mine had, 'had never happened in 30 years of publishing' and said he would publish it in the next issue. Things like that happen to me with monotonous regularity, but I really appreciated Jeremy's letter.

L and I both tired and needing an early night.